Top souvenirs you should buy in Myanmar


In Myanmar tours, you can see a lot of lacquer products all over the country. The lacquerware of Myanmar was originally entered the country by Thai businessman dated back to the 16th century. Then Myanmar artisans rapidly developed the featured Burmese brand with unique designs and traditional patterns. 

At the present, Burmese lacquerware is divided into three particular forms including Shwe Zawa Yun - lacquerware with real gold leaf, Ka Nyit Yun - incised in an artistic way, and Thayoe Pan Yun - embossed carvings.

You can easily find lacquerware products in Bagan where thousands of temples and a variety of workshops and souvenir boutiques are located. People who run these shops are both families having the tradition of preserving and developing this long-established art form.


The sight that you can easily see in every corner of Myanmar is people wearing longyi. This Burmese traditional costume is worn by both two genders men and women but in different ways. Men usually have a knot in the waist, while women squeeze the longyi on the shoulder to hide the knot. The dress of women is more elaborate with the main material is luxury silk and designed by hands with beads.

Although you can find longyi in every area of Myanmar, the best traditional longyi is in Mandalay with the price starting from 20 dollars. Despite the cumbersome look, this costume can blow the heat of Myanmar with its convenient and cool fabric material.

Panthien Umbrella                        

You cannot hide from the summer heat in Myanmar, but you can easily escape from the acrimonious sunshine with an umbrella. Magically, Burmese people have created the traditional umbrella called ‘Panthien Umbrella’ with bright colors and uniquely exotic style that nowhere else in the world. The umbrella has various sizes from giant-sized for 4 people to tiny ones for kids.

Panthien umbrellas are widely used throughout the mainland of Myanmar that you can pick one in many places. However, the best place to find them is the workshop where they are made. want to suggest buying from the street vendors to support the local artisans who created them.


One of the most well-known traditional Burmese art forms is telling the historical stories and folklore by using puppets. This art form has the name in the Burmese language is Ay Myint Thabin (in case you want to admire a performance but the locals don’t understand English), and Burmese special puppets are marionettes. Due to the unique product forms requiring particular element and the important meaning to the spiritual life of Burmese people, these marionettes are only made by the nimble hands of professional craftsmanship.

Every marionette is designed with unique color and brings a particular mythical creature which reveals clearly Myanmar’s art and heritage. Even though visitors can witness them in every souvenir shops throughout the country, the best place to pick a beautiful marionette is in the heart of Yangon. For a closer look, an interesting marionette puppetry show should be in the top of your culture-exploring list in Myanmar Tours.



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